What we think you should be doing

Having completed our detailed analysis of your current situation, we will identify the most appropriate strategies and then research and complete the projections required to confirm these strategies. Our recommendations will be made in a document called a Statement of Advice – or more commonly called a Financial Plan.
This document (generally 25-40 pages) will be completed and delivered to you in a meeting that will cover all of the key actions and strategies. Importantly, our statements of advice are written in a style that encourages you to actually read and understand them. We try to build a story for you of what your financial future might look like.

As some of these concepts can be quite complicated, we will take some time to explain these in a meeting that often lasts around 60 minutes. Realising that there can be a tendency for information overload, we will then send you away to read the document thoroughly, and make any comments for us to review.

You will not be asked to sign anything or commit to any action at this point. It is very important that you take the time to fully understand our proposals and have the opportunity to ask further questions. We will provide an invoice for the preparation of the document at this point.

Once you have really read and understood your financial planning recommendations, at another appointment, we will ask you to agree to the recommendations (modified if required during the previous consultation period). You will sign any documentation required (Account opening forms, rollover forms, authorities, change of Adviser forms, etc) and we will commence the implementation process. Depending on the complexity, this can take some months to complete.