Where are the gaps in your financial plan?

This is where we really earn our money. We complete a detailed asset and cash flow model to allow us to analyse and identify any shortfalls in your existing strategies. This allows us to consider ‘what-if’ scenarios that eventually lead us to be able to make the best possible recommendations to you.

“The gap analysis component of this process ensures that you can see where the key issues are, and allows us to see the best ways to deal with them. We apply any rules and regulations that may be exploited to maximise your income and legally minimise taxation to get the best overall outcome for you.”

At this point you may need to re-assess your priorities as it will become apparent which goals are achievable and which might be a struggle. We will certainly help you to avoid the traditional psychological bias that exists where clients want to focus on what is the ‘next’ goal rather than what is really important in the longer term.