We offer arange of fee options to clients based on their individual needs and outlined below. Based on an introductory meeting and prior to engaging our services we will be able to describe to you the specific fees for your circumstances:

Ad-hoc advice

where you may require some direction or answers to specific questions regarding your finances. This will not involve a Statement of Advice (Financial Plan) but often helps to clarify options you might be considering. We charge for this on an hourly rate.

Simple/Limited advice

is provided where you have only one or two financial objectives. This advice will be provided in writing in the form of a Statement of Advice and will involve quite specific recommendations tailored to you.

Comprehensive advice

is provided where you have three or more financial objectives identified and are in need of a detailed financial plan. This type of advice is typically provided when significant financial milestones occur such as imminent retirement, significant wealth changes, receipt of inheritance, sale of a business, marriage or divorce. Complete financial modelling is prepared that allows you to identify and prioritise your key goals and objectives.

Complex advice

while similar to comprehensive advice, is required where you have either complex financial affairs and/or multiple entities such as business, trusts and self-managed super funds. Typically, financial modelling is required for each entity and is naturally more time consuming.

On-going advice

occurs where we are actively managing investments on your behalf or where your circumstances require regular review meetings and management of your goals and objectives, including updating financial models.

All of our fees are based not only on the amount you have to invest, but rather on the time and work required for your personal situation. This way, you can be assured that we are working for you, and not a fund manager or a super fund. It’s simple, you know how much you are paying us and in turn we will show you the benefit our advice brings to your financial position.