How can we keep you on track

You will be scheduled to meet with us at least yearly for a portfolio review and discussion. These meetings generally last one hour and allow us to informally touch base to see if any changes are necessary to either the portfolio or the underlying strategy. We will provide you with a portfolio update and any specific changes to our recommendations. We find it really important that these meetings occur regularly – even if you don’t think there is anything to discuss. It is our job to prompt you to think about things with as broad a perspective as possible and many times these informal discussions lead us to identify significant latent issues that could become a problem if not rectified early.

We have found that these discussions have lead us to be able to assist with aged care decisions for parents of clients, asset protection issues when relationships of children are breaking down, and helping to understand the financial consequences when health issues arise.

Naturally, personal circumstances change over time – and life produces the unexpected from time to time – and so it is important that we are kept informed of any issues that might impact on your finances.

We will also discuss an legislation or investment changes to keep you up to date.

As clients, you are welcome to make additional appointments (within reason) to discuss any other issues that arise from time to time. You can also phone directly or email whenever you need to.