Cash Flow Management and Budgeting

Helping our clients manage their cashflows is imperative in ensuring that they start meeting their financial and personal goals and objectives.

Often, we spend more and save much less than we think we do. However, what is important in the cash flow management process is working out how much our clients actually need to save to meet their goals and objectives. For some people, they might not need to save at all, for others quite a bit of work needs to be done.

First, we will work through what you spent in the last 12 months, we then look to allocate equivalent amounts to specific buckets, so you always have enough money for the things that are important to you. This will help to identify the difference between compulsory expenses and discretionary expenses. Once this is done, we know what we have to work with to allocate to your other goals. In simple terms, we want you to save first and spend what’s leftover rather than the other way around!

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